2002-09-7   Philippe Raoult  
        * connection.c: fixed main window title again
	* bookmarks.c: fixed another mem leak
	* smalltrans.c: message windows now print the server name,
	message chats echo your own messages

2002-09-6   Philippe Raoult  
        * tasklist.c: gtk warning fix
	* connection.c: 100% cpu usage on silently broken connection fixed
	(at last, many thanks to Emmanuel), main window title fixed
	* smalltrans.c: mem leaks fixed

2002-09-4  Philippe Raoult  
	* various files: memory leaks fixed

2002-09-1  Philippe Raoult                     
	* login.c: fixed login with some servers 

2001-09-22  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* marked version 1.0b1. Changed (again) the libxml-detection code.
	now works on any libxml1/libxml2 simple or mixed setup.

2001-09-21  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: some code to support the user-definabe status buttons.

	* src/users.c: Clarification of the tooltips of the NoChat/NoMsg buttons.
	Major new feature: user-definable status buttons that change your suffix and
	icon, indicating current status.

2001-09-19  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/tasklist.c: tasks by default are destroyed when teir connection
	is destroyed, behavior can be overriden with task_persist_after_connection().

	* src/pixmap.c: new function to make it easier to have stock widgets from
	the hotline.dat files, by icon number.

	* src/smalltrans.c: handle_banner moved here fropm connection.c

2001-09-17  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: file transfers that are locally queued have an
	extra "greenlight" button on their tasks.

	* src/smalltrans.c: snafu with the message close button resolved.

	* src/users.c: two new buttons that enable/disable the dont_chat/dont_message
	status bits/icons, cleanup of the status/nick/icon change protocol code.
	Only active if the server version is > 1.5.

	* src/userwidget.c: internal reorganization of status icons,
	cleaner code etc, and a bug squash where we wouldn't update the status icon's
	positions correctly.

2001-09-15  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/smalltrans.c: irc-query-like support for messages in pane.

2001-09-14  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c, src/agreement.c, src/users.c, src/news15.c: panes would
	segfault if they were opened, closed, and the repopened

	* src/users.c: fixed a SEGV due to wrong finalization of UserKick

2001-09-11  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/connection.c: renamed from server.c. Major refactoring of the transaction
	logic, no longer uses threads [no more out-of-sync X11 errors]. Connection is now a
	GTKObject. Since we're no longer going thru gtk_idle(), the interface is snappier
	for servers with low pings. Debug messages will be quieter when --enable-debug is

	* src/agreement.c: code split from smalltrans.c, contains agreement logic.

	* src/network.c: getAsyncSocketTo() new function for async sockets.

	* src/transaction.c, src/messages.c: minor refactoring due to connection.c

	* src/login.c: login functin moved here from server.c. Also resolved 
	Bug #439487, whereas fidelio will honor the version given.

	* src/pixmap.c: changed definition of user's icons from 200 to 243, should
	work with Black Moon Icons now.

2001-09-04  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/messages.c: new source file, contains code from protocol.c, provides
	messages from/to the server as gtk objects.

	* src/transaction.c: new source file, contains some code from protocol.c
	main change is that transactions are now gtk objects, doing their
	own finalization. Signals are provided for callbacks. IMO a cleaner design.

	* src/server.c: compare_replies: corrected integer/pointer comparison.

2001-08-21  Philippe Raoult                     

        * src/protocol.[ch], src/server.c, src/smalltrans.h: 
	added support for object 154 (agreement omitted) and 
	transaction 355 (broadcast). Also disconnects when
	receiving transaction 111 (disconnected)
	* Changelog: fixed tassos's late modification date :)

2001-07-31  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c: hsx can't get properties of a file, and we would crash....

2001-03-19  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/news15.c: Fixed a crash due to an uninitialized pointer. Also, one can 
	open newsfolders by clicking on them.

2001-03-09  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/protocol.c: Transactions don't necesarily have tasks attached.

2001-03-08  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/taskgroup.c: We now order tasks the correct way, oldest at the bottom.

	* src/ hlforw is not built by default.

2001-03-07  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/protocol.c (date_to_unix): we now attempt to decode DateTime
	structures with any year. Closes [ #405805 ].

2001-03-05  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/tasks.c, src/tasklist.[ch], src/taskgroup.[ch]: reorganized
	and practically rewritten tasklist handling. some bugs still remain.
	Main features: tasks have icons, take up less space and can be grouped.
	NOTE: Trackers may crash fidelio at finalization. 

	* src/tasklist.[ch]: New files that contains the task handling logic.

	* src/taskgroup.[ch]: New files that implement simple grouping for many

	* src/tasks.[ch]: now contain only task creation and update functions.

	* src/main.c: different handling of window title.

	* src/filetransfer.c: moved task text update to main thread. 

	* src/pixmap.c (pixmap_apply_to_widget): new function, applies to 
	a GtkPixmap widget the specified icon. BUG: won't work without hotline icons.

	* src/protocol.c: new functions to add a task to a transaction and
	to move it between transactions....

	* src/server.c: Added icons to server-sent messages.

	* src/trackers.c: moved task-text-update to the main thread.

	* src/users.c: cleaned up some user updates.

	* xml2-config troubles...

2001-03-02  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: Silly typo for xml1 support...

	* We now check first for xml2-config, then for xml-config.

2001-03-01  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* Released 0.9.6

2001-02-28  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: small fix, could crash if user is too
	fast with the mouse on the abor button.

	* src/main.c: we would initalize the main window too soon
	and would lose the toolbar position settings.

	* src/pixmap.c: moved some code around so that it doesn't 
	depend on specific initialization order.

2001-02-27  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/filetransfer.[ch], server.c: [Bug #130054]
        and [Bug #124682] now have a cleaner fix. There may
	be a tiny mem leak in some extreme cases, but overall
	it's ok.

2001-02-25  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/tasks.c (tasks_count_set_title): main window titlebar
	counts tasks and connections.

	* src/main.c: Added shortcuts for windows, ctrl-[1-90] will
	raise the respective window. How do you un-iconify them tho?

	* src/smalltrans.c, src/hldat.c: small memory mgmt fixes.

2001-02-24  Tassos Bassoukos  

	* src/userwidget.c: outline_color is broken for gnome-1.2.12, fixed.
	Closes [Bug #133892]. Reported by

2001-02-17  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/main.c: Fix for connect dialog memory
	* src/trackers.c: added strcasestr prototype to avoid warning 
	* src/filethread.c,filetransfer.c,files.c,login.c,news.c,news15.c,
	server.[ch],tasks.c,users.c,userlist.c: tasks now show the server
	name if possible (instead of IP/hostname)

2001-02-16  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/files.c: Probable fix for [Bug #132624]
	* src/filethread.c: The gui would freeze for some time
	when uploads were finalized. 

2001-02-15  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/filelist.c: fixed the properties dialogs
	* src/files.c: fixed viewpos for recursive downloads

2001-01-25  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/server.c, src/filetransfer.c: fixed [Bug #130054]
	and [Bug #124682] (which were the same, i hope). There
	may still be a tiny mem leak ...

2001-01-21  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/filetransfer.?, src/filethread.?, src/ 
	splitted filetransfer.? into two sets of files.
	* src/tasks.? removed an unused field in the task structure.
	* src/filelist.h: extended the viewpos to 30 directories.
2001-01-20  Philippe Raoult                                                                                               

        * src/protocol.c: merged the fix from Charles Lopes for
	[Bug #128991] and [Bug #123493].

2001-01-11  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/login.c: gives server windows the ip of the server if 
	there's no name
	* src/main.c: the "connect to..." dialog now remembers the
	last server you entered
	* src/protocol.c: Added a check in read_object() that partially
	fixes [Bug #123493] and moved debug stuff inside #ifdef/endif's 

2001-01-09  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/trackers.c: the tracker window wouldn't be properly
	refreshed if closed with a search pattern
	* src/filetransfer.c: Debugged overlap checking and cleaned up a bit

2001-01-07  Philippe Raoult  

        * src/filetransfer.c: Added overlap checking when resuming downloads 
	* src/files.c, filelist.[ch]: extended dir selection to 
	recursive download

2001-01-02  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: small buglet fixed, refresh bookmarks & properties 
	would segfault.

	* src/files.c, src/filelist.[ch]: remote directory listings 
	now show a message while downloading their contents (aesthetic fix).

2000-12-29  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/hldat.c: we now cache full icons, will improve file
	list sort speeds dramatically.

	* src/filelist.h (FL_DOALLSELECTED): macro would invoke action
	for all items, not only the selected ones.
	Fixes [Bug #126648] Overenthousiastic deletion

2000-12-21  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: small changes for libxml1 support

	* debugging malloc will only be used when 
	--enable-debug is given. Reorganized checks for libxml,
	now should have more reasonable text. libxml1 is now supported.

2000-12-07  Philippe Raoult  

	* src/task.h: Fix for a bug i added yesterday night ...

2000-12-07  Philippe Raoult  

	* src/task.h,files.h: Changed some struct fields' sizes. Most
	notably task.text is much more reasonnable.

2000-12-06  Philippe Raoult  

	* src/files.c,filelist.c,filelist.h: now select the dir we were in
	when doing chdir(..)ing. Plus the usual aesthetic fixes :)

2000-12-06  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: probable fix for [Bug #124679], uploads
	do not complete. Verification pending.

2000-11-27  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/chat.c: control-return in the message entry widget
	sends an emote. Suggested by Ryo Saeba 

2000-11-20  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/users.c: silly bug made user-info inoperable, fixed
	Reported by Zachris Trolin 

2000-11-14  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* po/de.po: German transaltion contributed by 
	Christoph Maser 

2000-11-13  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* added another check for libxml and 
	marked release 0.9.5

2000-11-12  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c: filelist now shows entry for previous
	directory even when no file entries are present.

	* src/filelist.c: filelist now shows directory sizes
	in parentheses(sp?)

2000-11-11  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c: added a translation table for file
	extensions <-> icons. If no icons are present, will use
	pixmaps. "drop box" is also an upload folder.

	* src/guiutils.c: (guitils_text_add_popup_clear) small cleanup,
	now uses GNOME subroutines.

	* src/chat.c: we now handle better multi-line messages...

	* po/pt_BR.po: Brazilian translation contributed by 
	Carlos Marcello Dias Fernandes 

	* french translation contributed by
	Benoit Duffau 

	* src/userlist.c: now when a user is ignored, his chat won't show up
	neither on the public chat not in private chat.

2000-11-10  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/pixmap.c: sanity checks in default pixmaps...

2000-11-06  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/main.c: LIBXML_TEST_VERSION check added.

2000-11-04  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/userwidget.c, src/privchat.c, src/users.c: moved common 
	userwidget functionality to userwidget.c

	* modified xml checks and clarified wording of errors.

2000-11-01  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/userlist.c, src/userwidget.c, src/users.c: moved the ignore-user
	functionality to the userlist. Now all userwidgets show the same ignored

2000-10-31  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/chat.c, src/pubchat.c, src/users.c: chat mechanism
	reengineering, more common code now.

2000-10-30  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: added usleep() for those unices that don't
	provide it.

	* po/it.po: updated italian translation contributed by
	Federico Viani 

2000-10-29  Philippe Raoult 

	* src/filetransfer.c, src/guiprefs.[ch]: per-connection bandwidth

2000-10-27  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/server.c,src/guiprefs.c: modifications for private chat.

	* src/privchat.[ch]: new files, implementing private chat. does not
	do invitations, but it does accept/reject them. 

	* src/smalltrans.c: cleanup of the destroy logic, swatted a few bugs
	(cue from Contact: 'One down, several billion to go...')

	* src/users.c: fixed the updating user info stuck task during
	login on older servers.

2000-10-26  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: we would sometimes free() a null pointer, fixed.
	small leak also plugged.

2000-10-17  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/users.c: exported some functions so that other sources can
	use them (user message/info/kick)

	* [Bug #115216] fixed. fidelio was linking with 
	libxml 1.x, check added in configure

2000-10-06  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: [Bug #116198] fixed. brainfart with 
	g_slist_find_custom having wrong order of arguments. makes me wish for

2000-10-02  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* po/it.po: Italian translation contributed by
	Federico Viani 

2000-09-25  Philippe Raoult 

	* src/filetransfer.c: changed g_mutexes to pthread_mutexes

2000-09-25  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/users.c: [Bug #115216] fixed. Was twice destroying same
	transaction. Will not clear up all of the issues with bookmarks...

2000-09-21  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* all/files: release 0.9.4

2000-09-17  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: moved the icon selection to it's own dialog.

2000-09-13  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: sometimes the names of the trees in the preferences
	would get mangled.

2000-09-12  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.h: fixed problem with file uploads aborting at

2000-09-11  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: default bookmarks moved to $datadir/fidelio.default

	* src/files.c: cleaned up recursive directory code. now will not 
	crash when closing the connection, can be aborted, can be
	optionally disabled from the preferences, will correctly munge local
	directory names.

2000-09-10  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filelist.c: will now display entry for parent dir even if
	dir is empty.

2000-09-10  Philippe Raoult 

	* bookmarks.c: List Cleanup
	* files.c filetransfer.c news.c news15.c privs.c server.c server.h 
	smalltrans.c userlist.c users.c : Changed hooks_create()' syntax

2000-09-10  Philippe Raoult 

	* filetransfer.c server.c server.h threads.c threads.h trackers.c:
	Some syntax changes in threads.[ch] and according modifications

2000-09-10  Philippe Raoult 

	* filelist.c files.c files.h filetransfer.c: Added recursive directory
	deletion on the local side and recursive download
	on the remote side. Plus the usual cleanups :)

2000-09-10  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: GUI is now redesigned, no longer based
	on GnomePropertyWindow.

2000-09-09  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c (open_prefs): preferences dialog is now resizable
	and retains size info.
	* src/guiprefs.c (guiprefs_add_clist): fixed a crash due to a NULL
	pointer dereference when a GtkCList had more columns than the last
 	time the programm was run.
	Reported by Philippe Raoult 

2000-09-09  Philippe Raoult 

	* src/smalltrans.c: Made some windows resizable. Changed 
	show_error and show_error_errno, to accept variable arguments.
	Changed invokations of them all over the source files.

	* src/tasks.c: medium internal rewrite, Added task_newtext() which is
	sprintf(task->text,... ) + task_update(task ...) basically

	* src/main.c: Changed the tasklist scrollbar from ALWAYS

	* src/threads.c: Little internal changes.

	* src/files.c: error messages were printed with garbage 
	instead of the filename

	* src/trackers.c: strcasestr is in glibc, now checks for this too.

	* src/guiutils.c: little aestetic fix

	* src/bookmarks.c: scrollbars ALWAYS -> AUTOMATIC

2000-09-08  Clay Crouch 

	* src/bookmarks.c: Clay Crouch  has submitted
 	a patch that adds sitewide default bookmarks. Currently set to

2000-08-28  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/trackers.c: one can now search for multiple words.
	* src/trackers.c: propeties of server added, displays full
2000-08-27  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: for some users, the preferences/icons dialog would
	crash fidelio when running without icon datafiles.

2000-08-26  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c:  Greg Gilbert  submitted a patch
	that makes fidelio use libxml2. Thanks Greg!
	* all/files: marked version 0.9.3

2000-08-25  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/smalltrans.c: private messages now support 1.8 style quotes.

	* src/chat.c: one can now right-click in the textwidget to clear it.

	* src/users.c: removed some icons from the toolbar that belong to
	the pop-up menu.

	* src/guiprefs.c: one can now select if connect/disconnect messages
	are displayed in the chatwindow.

	* src/files.c: removed some icons from the toolbar.

2000-08-06  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: changed the numeric IP's to
	in the embedded XML.

	* src/userwidget.c: the userwidgets now displays icons for no-msg
	and no-pubchat

	* src/smalltrans.c: small bug in agreement display logic fixed.

2000-08-05  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/users.c: new functions for new login sequence and
	user details (nick, icon)  modifications.

	* src/trackers.c: small warning fixed.

	* src/smalltrans.c: modified agreement to allow for new
	login sequence.

	* src/guiprefs.c: the user can now specify the version the client
	presents to the server.

	* src/login.c: login sequence changed to allow version specification.

	* src/server.c: modified to new-style version checking, and login.

	* src/protocol.h: added banner objects and messages.

2000-08-04  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/main.c: fixed some shortcut keys.

	* src/trackers.c: removed the toolbar and moved into menu.

2000-08-01  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/chat.c: new file. handles GUI and common structure for chat.

	* src/pubchat.c: removed. functionality moved over to users.c

	* src/users.c: includes now most of public chat.

	* src/bookmarks.c: it is possible to delete bookmark folders now,
	plus rearranged the popup-menu.

2000-07-31  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: more consistent handling on file sizes.

	* src/pubchat.c: fixed a crash when receiving a public message
	with the public chat pane closed.

	* src/guiutils.c: right-click popup on lists now works

	* src/filelist.c: there is now a parent folder entry in the file lists.
	Also changed selection mode of lists to extended and fixed up the selection
	mechanisms. Should now be more intuitive.

2000-06-24  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/filetransfer.c (filetransfer_start): slashes in downloaded
	filenames are now unconditionally converted to underscores.
	Reported by Caspian 

2000-06-12  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* all/files: set version to 0.9.2, release pending.

2000-05-18  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/users.c: fixed non-gnome-icons and insensitive menus.

2000-05-16  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/server.c: fixed some races in early connection abort
	Reported by Glenn F. Maynard 

2000-05-15  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/pixmap.c: in pixmaps.c there were some icons that were
	non-overridable. fixed

2000-05-14  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/hldat.c: added support for true color icons

2000-05-03  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/main.c: added sys/signal.h
	Reported by Jarkko Huijts 

2000-04-14  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/hldat.c: icons without a transparent color would get a white border.

2000-04-02  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c: added file properties dialog for local and remote 

2000-04-01  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/trackers.c: IP is shown in the server list, and is sortable.

2000-03-31  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/files.c: moved icon determination code here from filelist.
	will allow for mime-type matches.

2000-03-30  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/trackers.c: You can now ignore port numbers when searching for 
	duplicate servers. 440 servers of 1880 are dups!
	Reported by Jimmy Larsson 

	* src/network.h: two header files were not included, leading to
	compile failure in FreeBSD
	Reported by Justin E Burket 

2000-03-29  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* now checks for proper version of libxml.
	Reported by yang 

	* src/filetransfer.c (filetransfer_start): resuming a download and
	aborting it before it could start would cause the file to be removed
	if "remove zero-length files" was set.
	Reported by Athanasios Emilios Arvanitis 

	* src/filelist.c: downloading a file now deselects it from the list.
	Reported by yang 

	* src/filetransfer.c: we sometimes would overread the DATA
	marker, leading to sync loss on downloads. fixed.
	Reported by yang 

2000-03-26  Anastasios Bassoukos  

	* src/main.c: fixed the main window minimum size problems.
	Reported by yang 

	* src/guiutils.c: removed "userlist as dock" support, did not work...
	Reported by Anastasios Sotiropoulos 

2000-03-24  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/users.c: fixed a null-pointer dereference in users_ignored
	Reported by Peter F. Handel 

2000-03-22  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/pixmap.c, src/guiprefs.c: now icons read from datafiles are 
	shown in gnome buttons.

	* src/main.c: the windows menu now brings windows to front.

2000-03-21  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/guiutils.c: fixed double-click problems.
	Reported by yang 
	* src/guiutils.c: bookmarks and tracker windows now raise to the top.
	Reported by yang 

	* src/filelist.c: it is now possible to view the file sizes in bytes or
	in bytes/kb/mb. Suggested by yang 

2000-03-20  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/news15.c: fixed a problem with the navigation buttons.

	* src/guiprefs.c: some cleanup with togglebuttons, sound support.

	* src/hldat.c: sound support added. mostly working. ESD dependant.

2000-03-19  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/guiprefs.c, src/hldat.c: multiple hotline datafiles are now

2000-03-18  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: bookmarks window would not be closed by
	the window manager.

2000-03-13  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: entities would be substituted twice, fixed.

2000-03-12  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: the bookmarks now are saved using XML,
	internal representation has changed, hierarchical management
	of bookmarks, better user interface.

2000-03-07  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* po/el.po: added greek translation by, and 
	fixed the translatable strings in various files.

2000-02-14  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c (filetransfer_start): one can now resume
	uploads too.

2000-02-13  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* all/files: released 0.9.1. Mostly stability fixes.

	* src/filelist.c, src/files.c: added select all functionality.
	Patch contributed by Caspian .

2000-02-12  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: fixed a bug that caused server-queued 
	transfers to not update the slot counter.

2000-02-10  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: fixed a bug that caused server-queuerd
 	transfers not to initiate.

2000-02-01  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: fixed a bug that made non-queued
	file transfers impossible. fixed another bug that interfered with
	queued transfers.

2000-01-31  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/threads.c: set thread cancellation to deferred - might fix
	some problems.

	* src/trackers.c: removed a bottleneck when getting many servers
	from many trackers fast.

	* src/guiprefs.c: fixed a small bug with undefined fonts.

2000-01-30  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/protocol.c: fixed up the mac<->latin_1 translation, as the 
	old one seemed to be off.
	Reported by z .

	* src/filetransfer.c: auto-retry file transfers seems to work now.

	* src/server.c: now will close connection correctly when server closes.

2000-01-29  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: server-queued transfers now update the
	queued number correctly.

	* all/files: merged in i18n support, contributed by
	Joaquim Fellmann 

2000-01-20  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/privs.c, src/privs.h: new files, handle server-sent privs.

	* src/protocol.c(transaction_read_objects) : now will 
 	not crash on systems with small per-thread stacks.
	Reported by Iani Brankov .

2000-01-19  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/smalltrans.c: agreement sometimes would crash client on close.

	* src/filetransfer.c: server-queued transfers now indicate it

	* src/protocol.c: added HLO_SERVERQUEUE: is the file transfer
	queued number.

	* src/bookmarks.c, src/trackers.c: fixed bug that caused crash after
	open_bookmarks,open_trackers,select_bookmark... in the process rewrote 
	internal represetation....

2000-01-18  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/protocol.c: added support for y2k-based datestamps. (Don't ask
	me, it's a mac thing...)

	* all/files: released 0.9.0. User interface improvements, bug fixes,
 	kick/ignore support.

	* src/guiprefs.c: added fix for non-existent pixmap in preferences.

	* src/users.c: clear now works

	* src/userwidget.c: added stipple pattern to selector for
	non-antialiased canvases. Looks good too :)

	* src/news15.c: the news post gets cleared only on receipt
 	of a new one.

	* src/server.c: agreements now have their own task. fixed a
 	stuck loop in forall_servers.

	* src/protocol.c: made some mods to the mac<->unix string
	translation. Needs More Work(tm).
 	Reported by Z .

	* src/tasks.c: number of tasks now in task window title.

2000-01-17  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filelist.c: mkdir and delete dialogs are now parented

2000-01-15  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/users.c: added kick/ban support

	* src/protocol.c: fixed date conversion functions, added QUOTE object.

	* src/news15.c: the subject, author, and time of the post are
	displayed as headers in the message window. time is

	* src/users.c: log of connections/disconnections.

	* src/smalltrans.c: you can now ignore private messages.

	* src/guiutils.c: (gutils_nbpage_set_main_with_userlist) merged 
	the two ways to create the userlist here.

	* src/pubchat.c: this pane has now a userlist.

	* src/users.c: new file, UI part of user management. split
 	off from userlist.c

	* src/tasks.h: some reorganization, might be faster when
	showing many tasks.

	* src/userwidget.c: added disabling of users

2000-01-13  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/userwidget.c: resizing fixes, mouse handling fixes.

2000-01-12  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* all/files: released 0.8.9 - bugfixes, UI mods, and glibc2.1 
	clean compile.

	* src/filetransfer.c: now you can't download twice to the 
	same local file. ( mentioned by Iani Brankov )
	* src/userwidget.c: small fix handling the mouse

2000-01-10  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/userwidget.c: when an user is removed, the bounding box 
	is properly updated

	* src/guiutils.c: notebook tabs are now highlightable.

	* src/userwidget.c: the antialiased canvas is now user-selectable.

2000-01-09  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/guiutils.c (gutils_nbpage_new): now notebook tabs can have 
	icons (optional)

	* src/smalltrans.c: missed  in smalltrans.c ( reported by 
	Kris Arndt ). Now compiles on glibc2.1 systems

	* src/login.c: changed the icons on the login window toolbar

	* src/pixmap.c: some more icons added

	* src/news15.c: now the panes are better organized - 
	more room for the message. also changed the icons of the 

	* all/files: created freshmeat appindex
	* all/files: released 0.8.8, mostly UI tweaks.
	* README: Silly me, had my e-mail set to

2000-01-08  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/smalltrans.c: error messages appear over the proper 
	windows now.

	* src/userlist.c: userlist is now a true dock item, and can be 
	dragged at will (0351).

	* src/login.c: you can now select where the tabs of the 
	notebook are.

	* src/guiprefs.c: added support for drop-boxes in the preferences

	* src/login.c: toolbars will now consistently be with/without text,
	according to the preferences of the GNOME configuration.

2000-01-06  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/trackers.c: after adding a new tracker, refresh was needed.

	* all/files: released version 0.8.7

	* src/bookmarks.c: bookmark dialog now appears over it's respective

	* src/files.c: added support for local file info, needs rewrite...

	* src/filelist.c: added support for file info requests.

	* src/bookmarks.c: enter->ok in bookmark dialog.

2000-01-05  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/bookmarks.c: Added move up/down buttons to the bookmarks,
 	and they work! (Wow!)

	* src/news15.c: Post/Reply in News1.5 now works.

1999-12-29  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/news15.c: fixed a segv when reading null posts

1999-12-14  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/news15.c: added thead prev/next/up/down, must show
 	it on the threads list....

1999-12-11  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/news15.c: full (I think) 1.5 news support. 
	Todo: thread next/prev,postings....

	* all/files: released 0.8.6

1999-12-06  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/userwidget.c: fixed a crash-on-close.

	* src/news15.c: Whoa... preliminary 1.5 news support. currently
	the categories are browsable.

1999-11-28  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/protocol.c: Added support for v1.5 news categories

1999-11-26  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/server.c: added support for server name in login reply.

	* src/files.c: cancelled directory listings would 
	cause a crash - bug found by gsis.

1999-11-23  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* all/files: released v 0.8.4b (yeah, I know, so xisp-like...)

	* src/userlist.c, src/guiprefs.c, src/login.c: now userlist can be
	permanently shown next to the other notebook tabs.

	* src/userwidget.c: made translucent selection with highlighted 

	* src/main.c: zombie problem persists.
	* all/files: released v 0.8.4

1999-11-22  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/pubchat.c: public chat will now correctly pop up when talking.

	* src/main.c: fixed the zombie processes problem.

	* src/userwidget.c: split off userwidget and made it into a canvas.

1999-11-17  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/protocol.c: fixed non-resuming of resumed downloads. 
	Ugh. Memory alignment issues...(3 hours later) AAAARGH!

	* src/files.c: fixed an ugly crash due to memory overrun.

	* added check for -ldmallocth

	* src/hldat.c: fixed some transparency problems.

1999-11-14  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/server.c: fixed login sequence to allow empty passwds...

1999-11-13  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: should now transfer files from non-5500-port
	servers. fixed hanging after disconnecting with active 
	file transfers. fixed broken resumed download counter.

1999-11-08  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* all/files: version 0.8.2 released.
1999-11-06  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/guiprefs.c: Fixed font selection widgets, bug fixes, added
	icon selection capabilites in preferences, and some GtkClist's will
	no longer be theme-less ...

1999-11-05  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/filetransfer.c: added upload capablility. does not 
	yet resume transfers.

1999-11-04  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* src/files.c: added remote-mkdir and remote-delete. seems to work.

	* src/server.c: fixed (hopefully) hanging after failed login.

	* src/files.c: fixed zombie task after deleting files.

	* src/server.c,src/login.c: moved start_login to server.c to defer
	reader thread creation, avoiding a race condition.
1999-11-03  Bassoukos Tassos  

	* all/files: version 0.8 released.

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