CVS Repository

The source code for fidelio is also available through CVS. See SourceForge's introduction to CVS (the "anonymously through pserver" part). In addition, you might want to take a look at fidelio's CVS Repository project page.

Building the sources from CVS requires these extra packages, in addition to those listed in Sources:

  • automake
  • autoconf
Of course, you will need to have cvs also...
Note: every time you do an update, run the macros/ script. It will regenerate the configure script and the necesary makefiles. These sources might not even compile correctly, much less be stable. Consider yourself warned.

Anonymous CVS

In a nutshell:

  1. cvs login
    to login (the password, if requested, is empty)
  2. cvs co fidelio
    to get the latest source in a directory named "fidelio"

Note that once in a while you will need to execute a cvs update in the toplevel directory to update the sources to the current version. Present activity on fidelio is relatively low, so this shouldn't be frequently necesary..

CVS nightly tarballs

(for the adventurous) SourceForge creates every night a snapshot of the CVS tree. You can get the latest at The notes at the start of this page still apply.
Please report errors and omissions to

Last updated:Mon 14 Aug 2000