Fidelio is a Linux/Unix client for Hotline, a proprietary protocol that combines ftp-like, irc-like and news-like functions with user authentication and permissions in one package.

Fidelio is currently fully functional as a non-administative client, with the exception of banners.

Features include:

  • Multiple concurrent connections
  • Single window per server connection
  • Tree-structured bookmarks
  • Trackers and searchable index of servers.
  • Userlist and public chat in one pane.
  • Private chat
  • Both flat (v. 1.2) and threaded news support, with posting of news.
  • Ignore messages and chat of users.
  • Private Messages
  • Sounds on events
  • Multiple icon set loading
  • Use of custom icon sets for buttons
  • Uploading, donwloading, resuming of file transfers.
  • Per-donwload and per-upload bandwidth caps
  • Server-side and client-side file queues.

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Last updated:Mon 9 Sep 2002