Fidelio Screenshots

Well, what does it look like? These screenshots should give you an idea of version 0.9.5.
  • Main window (43K) The tasklist window with two tasks.
  • Bookmarks (30K) The bookmarks window.
  • Trackers (58K) The trackers with a serach made for "linux".
  • Preferences (58K) Part of the preferences dialog.
  • Agreement (30K) The agreement of a hotline server.
  • News (61K) News of a server.
  • Users (55K) Users in a server and the chatwindow.
  • Files (54K) The twin filelist panes used for file operations.
  • Small news (46K) How small can you make the window ?

In case you're wondering, all screenshots were made using the minEguE theme for enlightenment and the minEgtk theme for GTK+. The icon set used is the one that comes with the Windows Hotline Client 1.8.3. See the Icons page for details.

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Last updated:Thu 1 Mar 2001