Fidelio was developed on Slackware Linux iand Debian/unstable, but it has been reported to work on RedHat,SuSe and FreeBSD. Please note that it won't work very well on 64-bit machines where structure elements are padded to 8-byte-multiples. Fidelio is available under the GNU General Public License.

To build the sources, you will need the following packages installed:

  • glibc2 (Linux only) - most newer distributions have this by default.
  • pthreads (Most modern O/Ses have them)
  • GTK+ 1.2.x (link),
  • gnome-libs 1.0 or later (link),
  • libxml 2.x or later, but not 1.x. (link)
  • gettext (optional) if you want to use languages other than english.
  • esd (optional) for sound event support
If you have a fairly recent version of GNOME, you probably won't need to update anything.

Latest stable version

The current version is 1.0b1 - get the tarball or bz2 tarball after reading the ChangeLog.

Installation is the usual ./configure && make && make install.

Older versions

Who knows, you might find that some earlier version works better for you.

Please report errors and omissions to

Last updated:Mon 9 Sep 2002